For 15+  years, WaterWays has educated and empowered individuals to take action in their communities.

A restored stream bank on Mountain Creek.

  • WaterWays has empowered thousands of students throughout the United States and the Caribbean to be stewards of their watersheds
  • Since 2010, WaterWays has raised over $350,000 and has leveraged matching funds of over $500,000 to help restore water quality and biodiversity in the Mountain Creek Watershed
  • WaterWays has facilitated the construction of Biogas Digesters, composting stations, wetlands for sewage treatment, wetlands for stormwater treatment, rain gardens and other green infrastructure, stream bank stabilizations, and greenhouses for organic agriculture production


We educate community members of all ages on ways to protect and restore their watersheds.


We work with local communities in Southeastern United States and the Caribbean Basin to restore clean water.

Community Engagement

We work with community members to spread awareness of watershed issues.

The Gear Closet

Our thrift store upcycles gently-used outdoor gear– all proceeds support our mission of clean water and healthy communities.


Join our incredible network of volunteers to support our mission in the Southeastern United States.


We are always seeking local partnerships to strengthen and facilitate our ongoing projects and grant objectives.


Our award program for homeowners and businesses rewards landscapes that reduce pollution in our waterways and add valuable habitat to their neighborhoods.


Become a steward of a local stretch of creek. We rely on grassroots efforts to keep our waterways heathy and flowing.

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