Through partnerships with engineers, landscape architects, local governments, and neighbors, WaterWays coordinates and supports restoration projects throughout the Southeastern US and in the Caribbean. There are mounting threats to watersheds and ultimately human health, such as acid mine drainage, sewage pollution, erosion, and litter. To tackle these issues we utilize local and national grants, synthesize solutions, and rely on our incredible community members to make lasting and impactful change. Every action we take contributes to improving water quality.

Mountain Creek Stream Bank Stabilization Project

Red Bank Elementary School

Mountain Creek runs along the back border of Red Bank Elementary School’s property, providing an incredible outdoor laboratory for the students. Unfortunately, excess stormwater surging through the creek after rainstorms was eating away the stream bank and pushing the creek closer and closer to the back driveway to the school. It was quickly becoming a hazard for the kids and families and polluting the creek with excess sedimentation.

WaterWays applied for and was awarded two grants which would partially fix the stream bank, from the Tennessee Healthy Watershed Initiative and EPA’s 319 Program for non-point source pollution reduction.

Adam Pierce, a lead member of our Young Professional Board and an Erosion Control Specialist for Propex, spearheaded the project and enlisted the support Propex, Wright Brothers, Groundscape Concepts, Profile, and Midsouth Aggregates to all donate their materials, equipment and personnel for the project. Shannon Kelly, now with ASA Engineering, donated her time to provide engineering design and apply for permits.

Ongoing Restoration Projects

  • (US) Mountain Creek Church of Christ Bioswale
  • (US) Spring Valley Stream Restoration
  • (US) Acid Mine Drainage Remediation

Completed Restoration Projects

  • (US) Mountain Creek Stream Bank Stabilization
  • (US) Four Squares Stormwater Wetland
  • (US) Rain Gardens / Pollinator Flyways
  • (C) Mabouya Valley Biogas Digester
  • (C) Curaçao Sewage Treatment Wetland

The Red Bank Elementary School Stream Team worked collaboratively with Adam, Shannon, and the rest of the engineers to formulate and present their ideas. Bringing it all full circle, each company’s lead on the project was an alumnus of a Red Bank school! The streambank stabilization was successfully completed in 2018, and would not have been made possible without overwhelming community support and collaboration.

RBES alum, Propex engineer, and Young Professional Advisory Board member Adam Pierce (right) was an integral part of making the stream bank restoration possible.

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