Water Reporter allows every individual to take an active role in conserving and protecting our waterways.

It’s like Instagram for citizen science.

The Water Reporter app is an all-inclusive reporting technology that allows individuals to upload and share what’s happening in their watersheds– good, bad, or ugly. When you upload your photos to Water Reporter, they will be automatically added to the map below, so all members of the WaterWays group can see updates in real time. 

Here’s how you can get started: 

1. Go to www.waterreporter.org and create an account by clicking “Sign Up,” or click on the water droplet icon in the top righthand corner of the map, which will take you directly to our group’s page. 

2. Search for “WaterWays” in the top search bar, and once you find our group click “Join Group.”

3. Upload your photos of water quality issues (or good things!) in the Tennessee Valley Watershed. Make sure to tag WaterWays and #hashtag any issues like #seweroverflows or #litter. Once you upload, everyone in our group will be able to see your post! 

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