At WaterWays, our goal is to educate and inspire the community to take positive action and stewardship in their local watersheds. 

We provide education on local watershed issues and offer community-led solutions.

We engage with schools, local government, businesses, and homeowners to empower individuals to improve their local water quality. Through grants and community support, WaterWays leads watershed restorations in partnership with schools, engineering firms, landscape architects, and local government. We further our mission and reach by hosting and participating in many local events.

WaterWays engages with schools, local government, businesses, and individual homeowners, with the goal of empowering people to help improve local water quality.

WaterWays educates communities about local environmental issues and what they can do on a daily basis to help tackle them.

WaterWays works to help restore watersheds in partnership with engineers, landscapers, and local governments.

WaterWays hosts and participates in local events to further our goal of connecting with our communities, and to raise money to help improve our programs and services.

WaterWays is a non-profit operating in the Southeastern US and in the Caribbean Islands (doing business as Caribbean SEA).