Our boards provide guidance and support to further us in our mission. 

Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of environmental experts from across the country that provide support and guidance in pursuing our mission.


Mark Curran | Cape Cod, MA


Jenny Miller Garmendia | Monterey, CA


Connie Hill | Chattanooga, TN

Past President

Robert Blenker | Palmetto, FL & Caribbean


Members at Large

Dr. Andy Novobilski |  Dahlonega, GA

Gillian Charles-Gollop | Barbados

Lily Bergasse | St. Lucia

Miguel Partap |  Chattanooga, Tennessee & Trinidad

Paula Valero | Portland, Oregon

Laurena Primus | St. Lucia



Young Professionals Advisory Board

The Young Professionals Advisory Board was created in June of 2017 to further the objectives and mission of WaterWays; to raise money to support those activities; and to act as a liaison between WaterWays and the community by educating members on the programs offered by WaterWays and promoting WaterWays to the general public. All actions of the Young Professionals Advisory Board shall be in support of the Mission Statement of WaterWays: to empower young people and their communities to protect and restore their waterways where they live, work and play.


Meghan Ploch




Rachael Bergmann


Kristen Stanfill

Past President

Adam Pierce

Past-Past President

Crystal Bishop

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