Report a Problem

WaterWays is at the forefront of water quality issues. 

Our programs like Adopt-A-Waterway and RainSmart Yards are actively helping to reduce non-point source pollution in the greater Chattanooga area. We are also working with local partners to ensure that watersheds like Mountain Creek and Chattanooga Creek are being protected by innovative restoration and conservation initiatives. 

Help keep our rivers and streams protected – report to your local or state agencies if you have evidence of illegal dumping into waterways. See resource links below. 


Local Water Quality Departments

City of Chattanooga Water Quality Department

Illicit Discharge/Illicit Connection

Report Form Hamilton County Water Quality department 

If you see water pollution, witness any material spilled or dumped into a waterway, or observe conditions in a storm drain or stream that indicate a polluting activity has occurred, please report immediately! If the situation is an imminent threat to life or health, please call 911. Illicit Discharge- Any discharge to an MS4 that is not entirely composed of stormwater. Illicit Connections- Illegal and/or unauthorized connections to the municipal separate stormwater system whether or not such connections result in discharges into that system.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)

Click the link to find your local TDEC Field Office for other environmental questions, concerns or complaints Ask.TDEC@tn.gov.

You can also contact a WaterWays staff person if you think it’s a problem we could assist with such as a manageable litter clean-up (no heavy machinery required) or a green infrastructure or long-term restoration project. All other immediate water quality issues should be reported to your local stormwater department or state TDEC Field Office.