In 2006, WaterWays Caribbean was called by Belize Community Conservation to help with sanitation issues.  Together we built Kids 4 Clean Water camps in Belize and are working to improve hygiene and sanitation in the poor villages near San Pedro. Local partners such as San Pedro Red Cross and Caribbean Youth Environment Network have also joined us as partners and many local businesses support us through in-kind donations. 

Programs & Projects

Kids 4 Clean Water Camp

(2006-2016) WaterWays Caribbean has built a foundation in Belize through participation and facilitation of Kids 4 Clean Water camps in the San Mateo area for children since 2009.  We have worked closely with local organizations such as San Pedro Red Cross and Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN), ACES, Mar Alliance (aka the Shark Project) and other local organizations such as the Health Department and schools to bring the children of Belize an understanding and appreciation for environmental conservation, including health and wellness awareness.Some of the things we provided in our educational program were unique opportunities for the children to learn and grow their knowledge of environmental conservation. Implementing mangrove reforestation and conservation, learning about health and hygiene and disease, visiting the reef and experiencing the magic of the underwater world. We also performed water testing in the community and provided resources and information on clean water.  The children were sea sponges, soaking up all we provided with enthusiasm.  

2024 – We recently returned post pandemic to San Pedro and San Mateo to get started in re-introducing our Programs and to look at new approaches and ways of implementation.   While we were in the community, we met up with many of our past participants and were tickled pink to hear the stories of how much impact and how much of a difference we made in some of these young lives. It was great to see aspects of our program had stuck and that “our kids” carried some environmental awareness and caring with them into their young adulthood.  They were eager to share with us environmental initiatives and updates about their communities.  


Mangrove Restoration

(2023 – present) WaterWays was awarded funding for a mangrove restoration project in 2023. 

Most of the economy of Belize is centered on tourism from its coastal areas and cayes, to the beautiful rainforests and jungle areas, all teaming with amazing wildlife. which are all being seriously impacted by climate change.  Mangroves and Coral Reefs provide protection from incoming storms and sea level rise, they filter toxins and provide refuge for wildlife.  Our plan is to work with higher education institutions, such as the University of Belize and include our long time partners, and some new ones too, to educate youth and the community on how we can work together to protect mangroves as well as restore mangrove areas, and why it is so important.   Through the work of university students and community members we hope to add to the Conservation efforts in this beautiful country.  Belize is leading the Caribbean in its Debt for Nature Swap with the Nature Conservancy which includes restoring 20000 hectares of mangrove.  We aim to ensure through community behavior change that there is no net loss of mangroves.  


Check out our PROJECT MANGROVE page for more information about teacher and student workshops.