Celebrating 20 years!

Since our founding in 2004, WaterWays has grown from a small student environmental association to an international organization focused on watershed health and restoration. 

To celebrate our Anniversary, WaterWays wants to invite you to the following 20 events: 

Check the Calendar details below for more information. Copy the event to your calendar for reminders!

Sharing Our 2023 Achievements

Thanks to your support, we have accomplished so much this past year! Here are just a few of our proudest achievements:

  • The installation of the Chattanooga Creek litter boom has helped us collect over 2,000 lbs. of floating litter since May of this year, protecting vital resources such as the Tennessee River.

  • Our efforts to restore ecosystems have included the creation of four remediation wetlands on Signal Mountain and the installation of over 300 live stakes on Reads Creek, restoring 680 ft of stream bank.

  • In addition to our environmental efforts, we have also made great strides in education. This past year, we met in person with over 5,350 students from more than 40 Hamilton County schools, and 1,834 students took part in local park field trips.

  • Our annual Tennessee River Rescue event was a great success, with over 1,000 volunteers from six counties across three states collecting over 10 tons of trash from the Tennessee River Watershed basin.

  • Finally, we are proud to have reconnected with our partners in Belize, opening the door to mangrove restoration efforts and education opportunities with local university students in 2024.

We are looking for donors to pledge $20 a month in honor for our Anniversary year! Consider a recurring donation to WaterWays this year!