Adopt-A-Waterway allows individuals, families, and organizations to commit to ongoing stewardship in their local streams throughout the Tennessee Valley Watershed.

Our Adopt-A-Waterway Program was founded in 2018 on the principle that everyone can be a steward. Our goal is to connect as many volunteers as possible to their local waterways, where they will enhance water quality through stewardship projects.

Adopting a stream means a two year commitment to the segment of your choosing, with at least one stewardship project required every year. You will be recognized on site with a sign, and supported by WaterWays throughout the adoption process.


Example: Citico Creek is located close to Downtown Chattanooga in Bushtown, and has issues with trash and erosion. We would like to adopt the stretch of creek from Orchard Knob Elementary School to Orchard Knob Middle School.

What you’ll agree to do:

  • Adopt a segment of stream for a two year period.
  • Complete at least one stream stewardship project per year.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Provide a sign with Adopter’s name at the adopted section
  • Assist in obtaining materials and supplies for stewardship projects
  • Provide advice on the types of stewardship projects that would best work for your adopted section
  • Act as a guide, if needed, to help your group succeed!

What Defines a Stewardship Project?

  • Stewardship projects can be a range of activities, and we will be available to help your group decide what actions are the best to take for your specific area! Here are some examples of stewardship projects:
    • Invasive plant removal
    • Planting native plants and trees
    • Trash clean ups
    • Hosting watershed education programs

The Adopt-A-Waterway program is facilitated by WaterWays in partnership with the City of Chattanooga Water Quality Program and the Hamilton County Water Quality Program, with assistance from the Scenic Cities Beautiful Commission and others.

Please contact our Program Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

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