Nature by the Pint
Urban coyotes, a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem

Thursday March 17, 2022 6-7pm, Barley Chattanooga, 235 E MLK BLVD, Chattanooga

WaterWays is happy to present, Dr. Chris Mowry, Berry College for an engaging talk focused on demystifying the often maligned urban coyote population.

Dr. Chris Mowry is the founder of the Atlanta Coyote Project and has been conducting research on coyotes since 2002. Chris served on the Science Advisory Council of the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center and was one of 13 lead investigators from major colleges and universities across the US that collaborated on the 20 year Canid Ecology Project (CEP) in Yellowstone National Park from 1990 to 2010. He spear-headed an in-depth analysis of how the coyote’s prey consumption changed as a result of the wolf reintroduction and a 100 year drought.

There is no charge for this event


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