Our mission is to empower kids and their communities to protect and restore the water where they live, work, and play.

WaterWays is a Chattanooga, Tennessee based non-profit working with communities across the Southeastern United States to bring awareness and stewardship to their watersheds. Since programming began in 2004 in Ciceron, St. Lucia as the Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance (CaribbeanSEA), our organization has evolved from a small student environmental group to an international organization focused on watershed health and restoration. Thanks to the ongoing support of the diverse communities we work with from the Caribbean Basin to the Southeastern US, WaterWays has been empowering individuals to take positive action in their watersheds for the past seventeen years.

We are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization focusing on educating the public about local watershed issues and sustainable community solutions. WaterWays works throughout the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean Basin (as Caribbean SEA).

Income from our thrift store for outdoor gear and clothing, The Gear Closet, directly supports our mission.

If you are interested in bringing WaterWays to your community or group, contact us at marybeth@mywaterways.org.

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