RainSmart Yards awards homeowners for conscientious, creek-friendly practices in and around their homes.



In partnership with the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County, the RainSmart Yards initiative was founded in 2018 under the name My Tennessee: Clean Water Starts Here. This award program recognizes creek-friendly yards that capture and retain stormwater during rain events, as well as create habitat for native plants and pollinators.


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In order to receive an award, you must have your yard visited in person by a WaterWays staff member or volunteer.

It’s that time again! After we successfully bested Knoxville last year, we’re bringing back the NoogaKnox Challenge for round two! 

From World Water Day (March 22nd) until the first day of fall (September 23rd) we’ll be counting RainSmart Yard certifications toward our friendly competition with Tennessee SmartYards in Knoxville to see which city has more residents taking action in their yards to protect downstream water quality.

Every yard certification puts us closer to the goal of retaining our crown and the bragging rights that come with it! This year, we’re also adding in the “Battle of the Mountains” Challenge, where residents from Signal and Lookout Mountain can compete to see which mountain is most invested in improving water quality.

Our overarching goal is to motivate all Tennesseans to take an active role in the health of our streams. Make sure to sign up for a RainSmart Yard survey and then check out the ongoing results of each challenge on our dashboards by clicking here for NoogaKnox and here for the Battle of the Mountains!


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